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Welcome to the French Program at San Francisco State University

The French Program offers a challenging and enriching experience for those who are interested not only in the French language but also in French culture and society.

We offer a full-fledged Bachelor of Arts Program and Master of Arts Program, and focus on developing proficiency in the language in a socio-cultural context by offering a variety of courses and by conducting courses in culture and literature in French. Great importance is placed on participatory classes, which are small and practice-oriented, in order to help students adapt themselves to a changing world. Excellent computer facilities and a multi-media center provide support for our educational program.

S.F.S.U. is located in San Francisco, a cosmopolitan city with a large and active French community, which makes it a great place to study French. Students are also given a number of opportunities to study in France. Through the California State University (CSU) International Programs, selected students may study at Aix-en-Provence and in Paris. Such opportunities give students practical experience in everyday French life and culture, helping to build and reinforce these skills.

If you are an undergraduate student and wonder which class to take, you can take a placement test and see an advisor. Please contact an advisor for further details.

Anne Linton
French Program Coordinator, Department of Foreign Languages

FALL 2015 Courses and announcements

Dr. Anne Linton will be on sabbagtical leave this Fall 2015 to work on her book project.

In FALL 2015, we are offering lower division courses at the beginning and intermediate level (2 sections of FR 101, FR 102, and FR 215). At the advanced level (BA and minor), we are offering four courses (FR 305: Composition, FR 306: Advanced Conversation, FR 450: Translating Themes, FL325: Linguistics for Foreign Languages).

Note that FR 305 French Composition will be offered online, via Course Stream available through ilearn.

There will be two graduate courses: FR 810.01: Le Corps à la Renaissance and FR 810.02: Les Deux Sexes du Roman

Note that FR 810.01: Le Corps à la Renaissance will be an hybrid course (some sessions will be offered online via Course Stream available through ilearn).

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