Advising is key to a successful college experience. Advisors are available from each language program to assist students in planning their degrees.

MLL Advisors
Program Advisor Focus
Arabic Mohammad Salama Coordinator
Chinese Frederik Green Coordinator, Flagship
Chinese Chris Wen-Chao Li Majors, Graduates
French Anne Linton Coordinator, Majors 
German Volker Langbehn Coordinator, Majors last names A-L
German Ilona Vandergriff Majors last names M-Z
Italian Olivia Albiero Coordinator, Majors, Graduates
Japanese Masahiko Minami Coordinator
Japanese Midori McKeon Majors
Persian Mitra Ara Coordinator, Minors
Russian Natalia Tkachov Coordinator, Minors
Spanish Michael Hammer Coordinator, Majors last names I-Q
Spanish Gustavo Calderon Majors last names A-H
Spanish Ana Luengo Majors last names R-Z, Graduates


Undergraduate Advising

Majors and minors in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA) should consult with two advisors each semester:

(1) an advisor in the major and

(2) a general education and university requirements advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center


Graduate Advising

Degree Outcomes

Find out about our undergraduate and graduate degree outcomes